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stanozolol for women

From men to women, performance athletes, physique competitors, or simply the everyday gym rat, the Stanozolol hormone has something for everyone. Available in both an injectable solution and oral tab, the demand for this steroid is high, and the supply is through the roof. Perfect for cutting cycles as well as enhancing strength and athletic performance, the Stanozolol hormone is best known by its most popular trade name Winstrol.

Originally developed by Sterling-Winthrop Laboratories, Stanozolol is a Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) derived anabolic steroid. Carrying only a slight androgenic nature, this is a hormone of strong anabolic qualities; the Stanozolol hormone will significantly promote protein synthesis and nitrogen retention as well as dramatically decrease Sex Hormone-Binding Globulin (SHBG). By lowering SHBG, the amount of free testosterone we have at our disposal is increased, thereby enhancing performance. Stanozolol is not the only steroid that has this effect, but it does so in a very strong manner.

One area where the Stanozolol hormone really stands out is in conditioning, and this is precisely why so many physique competitors and gym rats supplement with the hormone. A decent tissue preserver and regenerator, where Stanozolol really shines is in its ability to harden a physique thereby providing a more enhanced and defined look. No, it will not take a physique that is covered with a layer of fat and magically make it lean and hard; you must already be somewhat lean to garner this effect. If lean enough, with the right dose and with use for a necessary or rather appropriate period of time you can display a physique you can be proud of.

While conditioning traits are exceptionally strong with the Stanozolol hormone, it is also well-known for being a fairly decent strength increaser, and this is why so many performance athletes supplement. When it comes to performance athletics, strength can be defined by actual physical power and speed, and in most any sport, power and speed is the name of the game. Further, as hard competition can be taxing on the body, the Stanozolol hormone as it does when being used in a diet will help preserve your lean tissue and keep you rolling through your athletic pursuit.

In the case of the Stanozolol hormone that is Winstrol, it does not carry a strong androgenic nature or display a lot of androgenic activity, and this makes Winstrol for women often a prime choice. Winstrol for women can easily promote the anabolic activity they desire without the androgenic traits they fear, and for the female performance enhancing athlete that is the beginning of successful supplementation. In any case, let's dive into all you'll need to know, what you can expect and in doing so you'll be enabled with the ability to determine if supplementation is right for you.

For athletic enhancement, generally only one steroid is needed, and once again your first go should always be Anavar, but if you enjoyed a positive response Winstrol can be considered. Winstrol for women in this capacity will yield the same athletic enhancement it does for men; however, as strength is the desire it will be a greater promotion than the friendliest steroid to females Anavar. Make no mistake, Anavar carries a stronger anabolic nature, but many women tend to notice a greater increase in strength with Winstrol, and as strength is the end all be all of athletic performance it can prove to be invaluable.

When it comes to the side-effects of any anabolic steroid, this is always a primary concern; after all, if you're plagued by side-effects it makes it difficult to enjoy the benefits you're receiving. In most cases, the side-effects of Winstrol for women will be the same as they were for men with the exception of the possibility of prostate enlargement. Women will have to concern themselves with the possibility of acne and high cholesterol, and of course, they will have to concern themselves with liver toxicity as this is a hepatotoxic steroid. In-order to avoid and combat such effects, please see the side-effects link for a full review.

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Although there is some overlap, research has shown that women use androgenic anabolic steroids (AAS) for reasons that are often quite different from those of men.  Even more dissimilar are the risks and consequences associated with female steroid abuse.  It is clear that AAS use is not equally as dangerous for everyone.  For example, AAS are:  less dangerous for adult male elite athletes, than their non-athletic counterparts; still more dangerous for teenage boys whose bodies are not yet fully developed; and by far the most dangerous for both women and girls, as the female body is simply not equipped for exogenous (external in origin) male hormones.

Of course AAS provide tremendous performance enhancement benefits, and though men garner the bulk of such scandals, professional and amateur women athletes also administer them for this purpose.  Although such abuse has gone largely unnoticed in mainstream society, this issue is becoming so prevalent that some organizations have taken overtly preventative measures.  For example, markets a “Without Steroids Women's” t-shirt to those who remain and support drug free athletics.

As stated earlier the female body is simply not equipped for the administration of AAS.  Steroids are very powerful messengers that signal cells to behave in specific ways, many of which never become outwardly visible making the exact extent of the harm unknown to the user.  Although type, dosage and duration play significant roles in the severity of negative effects, even a one-time cycle (use over a specific time period) at very low doses can cause irreversible damage even well after the cycle is completed (SEE:  “Excerpt from a true story”). 

One study cited the possibility that AAS might inhibit the immunomodulatory and antiviral activities of androgens like DHEA (acts on adrenal glands to induce the production of corticosteroids and dehydroepiandrosterone) (Hughes, Rady, Smith; 1998).  This study also indicated that steroids significantly inhibited the production of corticotrophin in blood lymphocytes immediately following a viral infection.  Simply stated, they can cause the prevention of antibodies during sickness, and lead to altered immune reactions. 

Winstrol is a DHT derivative anabolic steroid . This steroid is equally popular among men and women body builders. There are few steroids considered safe for women and Winstrol is one of them. It can be taken orally or it can be injected.

Like men, women and winstrol also has an old connection. Women also take Winstrol for enhancing muscles. With this steroid they get well defined muscles and a leaner body as Winstrol burns off the extra body fat. It improves the strength and stamina of the user as well.

Steroids cause side effects in women and Winstrolis no different. Some side effects which women can suffer from when using Winstrol are as follows

Women using Winstrol will notice excessive hair growth on their faces and bodies; this is because Winstrol is DHT derivative. Another adverse effect of DHT based steroids is baldness. With Winstrol too women experience male pattern baldness. The prolong use Winstrol also results in an outbreak of steroid acne in women. Winstrol increases the activity of the sebaceous glands present in the body. The sebaceous glands produce an oily film sebum. Sebum causes blocking of pores and blackheads and acne appear on the face and body of the user. The hair growth and hair loss remain even when women stop taking this steroid.

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Can women use Winstrol or Stanozolol? Anabolic steroids like Winstrol are equally popular among women athletes too. Women bodybuilders love it because it provides androgenic effect on low level in comparison of many other steroids in market today. Andogenic effects by steroids are related with deep voice and loss of hair. Winstrol is famous for two major qualities among women athletes and bodybuilders – reducing fat and giving leaner body mass. Click here to buy Winstrol online.

Anabolic steroids are identified as developers of masculine effects in women. These kinds of drugs change the feminine qualities in women and cause some male effects like deepening of voice. However, some reports said that it is used by women one lower dose every day that can give them good effects . Winstrol for women may cause some side effects; in that case users must discontinue the intake of this drug.

TABLE OF CONTENTS: Winstrol V | Winstrol Only Cycle | Adverse Side Effects | Oral Winstrol Tablets | Stanozolol Cycle | Before and After Pictures | Comparison to Anavar | Stanozolol 10 mg Pills | Cycles for Women | Dosage Guide | Weight Loss Effects | Deca Winstrol Stack | Winstrol Testosterone Cycle | Buy Winstrol Online | Winstrol Depotck | Injectable Format |

For females that supplement with Winstrol, they may experience virillization effects. These effects can be dangerous and it may even damage a women’s femininity. Negative effects for females include :

by Bill Roberts – Winstrol ( stanozolol ) is a potent anabolic, but also binds to the progesterone receptor and to LAGS in the liver. In muscle tissue, Winstrol has been found to stimulate immediate-early gene expression by a means independent of the androgen receptor.

Stanozolol can stimulate the production of prostaglandin E2 and the matrix metalloproteases collegenase and stromelysin in skin fibroblasts. It has been found to inhibit growth factor stimulated DNA synthesis and fibroblasts. Winstrol has substantial fibrinolytic properties, and has been effective in the treatment of urticaria, Raynaud’s phenomenon, cryptofibrinogenemia, and lipodermatosclerosis. Stanozolol has also effected cures of osteonecrosis in cases resistant to all other therapy. Stanozolol has been used successfully in treatment of AIDS wasting syndrome.

Winstrol is also useful in treatment of hereditary angioedema. It is somewhat hepatotoxic, but less so than many other oral anabolic steroids . It influences some immunological processes. Stanozolol has been found to increase lymphocyte count and CD8+ cell numbers, but to decrease CD4+ and CD3+ in postmenopausal women using it for osteoporosis. This effect would plausibly be useful for treatment of autoimmune disorders.

Stanozolol is the chemical name of active ingredient in Winstrol. Winstrol is a registered trademark of Sanofi-Synthelabo Inc. in the United States and/or other countries. Sanofi has licensed rights of Wnstrol to Ovation Pharmaceuticals.

When it comes to amateur and professional sports, performance enhancing drugs such as Winstrol are admired worldwide within the sports realm and with non-athletes as well. This is not just because drugs like Winstrol can help sportsmen and non-sportsmen get a hard chiseled and ripped look, but also because they can help users in getting stellar ripped body while promoting reductions in terms of body fat and weight. In other words, Winstrol makes it easier for users to get the body they’ve always wanted, with half the time investment and half the work.

Winstrol (also known as Stanozolol or Winny) is one of the most admired performance improvement drugs for athletes to gain a distinctive competitive edge, make loads of money, secure or retain a spot in individual or team sports, and staying close to name and fame that would have otherwise not been possible because they would not have been performing at such a high level consistently.

A derivative of Dihydrotestosterone and commonly sold under the name Winstrol (oral) and Winstrol Depot (intramuscular), Stanozolol is a synthetic anabolic steroid. This drug has a high oral bioavailability, because of a C17 α-alkylation that allows the hormone to survive first-pass liver metabolism when ingested. Winstrol is medically recommended to treat anemia, hereditary angioedema, improve muscle growth, red blood cell production, increase bone density, and stimulate appetite.

Winstrol is popular with both men and women and is commonly used in doses of 25-100 mg per day by men and 5-15 mg per day by women for a cycle of six to eight weeks. It is usually stacked with testosterone-based anabolic steroids, Deca Durabolin, and Trenbolone.

In order to consume this steroid properly, you will need to understand the main Stanozolol side effects. There are some potential side effects involved in the consumption of all anabolic androgenic steroids, and this does not exclude Stanozolol . There are numerous aspects that can include the negative reaction of all steroids. We can say that this hormone is quite mild and therefore users should not worry about Gynecomastia or water retention when taking this particular steroid. This is because it will never aromatize which means that the side effects of Winstrol or Stanozolol are less noticeable than other steroids. Click here to buy Winstrol online.

TABLE OF CONTENTS: Winstrol V | Winstrol Only Cycle | Adverse Side Effects | Oral Winstrol Tablets | Stanozolol Cycle | Before and After Pictures | Comparison to Anavar | Stanozolol 10 mg Pills | Cycles for Women | Dosage Guide | Weight Loss Effects | Deca Winstrol Stack | Winstrol Testosterone Cycle | Buy Winstrol Online | Winstrol Depot | Injectable Format

Testosterone suppression would be the main Stanozolol side effect that is totally guaranteed. The natural production of testosterone is suppressed by practically all anabolic androgenic steroids, but the difference consists on the degree of suppression present in each steroid. Testosterone levels will surely drop below the normal level when taking Stanozolol hormone alone. This can result in lower sex drive as well as changes to sperm. When using this supplement, it is recommended to combine it with a particular form or testosterone so as to keep the normal levels of this essential androgen.

The most common Stanozolol side effect surrounds the hepatic nature of this particular steroid. Both forms of Stanozolol are highly toxic to the liver. The liver enzyme level will surely increase when we take a supplement. There are numerous factors that will influence this increase, such as the period of usage, the total dosing , how the individual will respond and the general health of your liver. However, there are some positive aspects to consider in this situation.

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