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stanozolol 12mg codeine

Fast dissolving pharmaceutical dosage forms which are designed to release an active ingredient in the oral cavity are well known and can be used to deliver a wide range of drugs ( Critical Reviews in Therapeutic Drug Carrier Systems, 21(6):433-475 (2004 ); Seager H. (1998), J. Phar. Pharmacol 50:375-382 ; Bandari et al. (January 2008), Asian Journal of Pharmaceutics 2-11 ) .

The subject invention provides a new fast dissolving oral pharmaceutical composition typically in a unit dosage form, typically an oral lyophilisate (also named orally disintegrating tablet).

The present invention provides a pharmaceutical composition comprising an open matrix network carrying a pharmaceutically active ingredient, wherein the open matrix network is comprised of inulin as the main matrix forming agent and mannitol as a secondary matrix forming agent.

In the present invention the pharmaceutical composition comprises a matrix carrying a pharmaceutically active ingredient, the matrix rapidly disintegrating upon contact with an aqueous solution or with saliva, said matrix comprising inulin.

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