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la pharma stanozolol 5mg reviews

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Generic Name:  oxandrolone
Unlike most oral steroids, which are Class II steroids giving most of their anabolic effect by means other than the androgen receptor (AR), it seems that oxandrolone probably does have good binding to the AR, and is therefore a Class I steroid, while having little other effect. By itself it is considered to be a weak anabolic.

Because of its high price, very few bodybuilders have taken large doses of oxandrolone. There is a single case in the medical literature (Forbes et al.) where it is reported that a competitive athlete self-administered 150 mg oxandrolone per day with remarkable gains. This is of uncertain credibility because unless urinalysis was done to verify that no other steroids were taken, there is no way to be certain that the athlete did not actually take more drugs than he reported. In any case, at current prices, only the quite wealthy could afford such a dose. I personally have tried 150 mg/day and considered it somewhat effective, but not dramatically so, and not a preferred regimen.

Oxandrolone does not aromatize or convert to DHT, and has a longer half life than Dianabol - 8 hours vs. 4 hours. Thus, a moderate dose taken in the morning is largely out of the system by night, yet supplies reasonable levels of androgen during the day and early evening.

Oxandrolone shares the liver toxicity problems common to 17-alkylated steroids. At one time it was thought that it did not, but both clinical and practical experience with Oxandrin has shown that at doses of 40 mg/day and higher, liver toxicity is indeed an issue with prolonged use.

Azolol (Winstrol Tablets; generic name Stanozolol) from British Dispensary is a man-made steroid, similar to the a naturally occurring steroid testosterone.

Azolol Tablets from British Dispensary are used in the treatment of hereditary angioedema, which causes episodes of swelling of the face, extremities, genitals, bowel wall, and throat. SAzolol (Winstrol Tablets, Stanozolol) from British Dispensary may decrease the frequency and severity of these attacks.

Stanozolol tablets made by La Pharma on stock and ready for your order! Each tablet has 10mg of pure stanozolol. Buy Stanozolol 10mg online. Free shipping!

Stanozolol La Pharma belongs to the most widely used orally-taken anabolic-androgenic steroids. It owes its popularity amongst bodybuilders to its active substance, stanozolol. Its special properties cause, that the product can be used in both bulking cycles and contest preparation. Each tablet of Stanozolol contains 10mg of active substance.

Stanozolol made by La Pharma S.R.L. is used above all in the preparation for competitions. It is possible to use the product for this purpose, because it does not cause any excessive water retention. In bulking cycles, Stanozolol guarantees the growth of high quality muscles, which are stable and have no tendency to disappear after the end of use of the product, because they are not made by water.

In contest preparation, it is recommended to combine the use of Stanozolol La Pharma with products containing trenbolone acetate, methenolone enanthate, oxandrolone, fluoxymesterone or testosterone propionate for the best results. As far as the gain on new high quality muscles is concerned, stack of Stanozolol with Deca, Sustanon or Oxymetholone is the best variant.

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Also known under the name of Stanozolol, Winstrol’s molecule, or in bodybuilding lingo as “Winny,” it may be taken for a lean mass gain or for a weight loss plan. It all depends on how it will be used and the product(s) with which it will be combined. This product doesn’t require Post Cycle Therapy because it does not aromatize and is not suppressive.

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The primary indication of sildenafil citrate is treatment of erectile dysfunction (inability to sustain a satisfactory erection to complete intercourse). It use is now standard treatment for erectile dysfunction in all settings.

Oxymetholone® tablets for oral administration each contain 50 mg of the steroid oxymetholone, a potent anabolic and androgenic drug.

Fat burning. Chemical name is “Clenbuterol HCl” 20 microgram/tabIt is not a steroid hormone but it is a beta-2 symphatomimetic.

Fat burning. Chemical name is “Clenbuterol HCl” 20 microgram/tabIt is not a steroid hormone but it is a beta-2 symphatomimetic.

Each round, yellowish T3-Cytomel® (liothyronine sodium) tablet contains liothyronine sodium equivalent to liothyronine 100 mcg.

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